Sunday, October 3, 2010

A new route.

I am now blogging HERE and I explain all the reasons HERE.

If you are a follower of The thrifty Scrapper please consider becoming a follower of Creating Treasures. I will keep posting tutorials, videos and more there.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going Digital!

ok, don't freak out!! I know I did when I found out about the new Digital thing. Yes, digital scrapbooking.

If you are like me - you love to cut and paste paper, embellish, stitch, distress and do other manual things to your scrapbook layouts or cards, to go digital is just foreign. But did you know that you can go digital just not completely digital?

Ok, I will explain. I use digital papers to create my scrapbook papers and cards. It's called Hybrid scrapbooking. I use clip art, digital stamps, scanned images, enhanced and altered photos and digital papers.

Going Digital is great because you can save money on storage.

I made a confession once that I hoard paper. Well now I can without so much guilt because it is not creating piles in my craft room, it is stored away in my hard drive. Yeah, I know. You got to have room to store in a hard drive too. Another topic for another post.

For now, let me tell you that you can use digital papers for less money and less storage space than the actual papers.

Here are some examples of my hybrid work.

I will share in a few days how to create some of those hybrid layouts.

:) Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I got carried away...

Recently I was creating a custom bridal card and got carried away coloring my card with my watercolor pencils.

I was trying to create a halo around the bride and it ended up looking like she was contaminated with nuclear chemicals or something. Anyway, the whole thing made me take a closer look at the books I read to my children.

I read this one recently and realized that it has beautiful artwork and what you know? All the illustrations were made with watercolors and there is a WHITE halo around the characters from where the artist left the area without color. The whole concept is perfect but if you look too close it might look a little messy.

I am definitely learning some serious art as I scrap and card make. :) Every day is an opportunity to learn new things and grow.

So for now my brides will not have a blue halo around them, but who knows in the future!! :)

Also, if you are interested in scrapping but is really short on time please follow me. I will be doing a little tutorial on using digital to short cut your scrapping time. :) Here are some of my recent pages I made using these shortcuts.

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, July 30, 2010

And the Winner is....

Sorry, I am late posting the winner for the Blog Candy! I have been busy with many projects that I am hoping to share soon.

The winner is ...


YEah, congratulations!! Espero que te guste mis creaciones. Por favor enviame un email con tus direciones para que yo pueda enviarte las tarjetas.

thanks so much for all that participated!

I will be showcasing a Wedding Album soon, so be sure to check back!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog Candy - harder than you think!

I think I finally get the hype of stamping.

If you have seen my cards you know I am a fan of digital and vintage. I love to layer papers, stitch my cards, add glitter, paint and ink. I love to stamp to create a distressed, old, worn look.

I do, however, love the look of clean and simple too. And often I will ooh and aahh over a card and tell myself that the card is beautiful but pretty easy to make. HA!! Big mistake! I want right here and right now to APOLOGIZE to all card makers out there that have dedicated their lives to stamping the perfect image. I found out that it is harder than I thought. I am very sorry for thinking that it was easy. It is an Art to do what you ladies do out there!! See end of post for a few of my favorites..

Below the result of my experience:

Supplies: Prima and Technique Tuesday stamps, Tim Holtz distress inks, Staz On ink, satin ribbons.

Now check out these pros:




And to these ladies I would like to say: YOu are simply the Best!!!

And if you, my fellow blog reader, think the above cards are worth anything, then leave me a comment and enter to have a chance on winning the cards above. The lucky winner will be picked on July 27th.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend :)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to make a chipboard album - Last Part

Hi everyone,

I am in full blast summer! We have been grilling eggplants. Have you ever tried it? Just slice them and sprinkle salt, pepper and olive oil. A few minutes on each side and they are done. They are soooo good.

We also did a beer but chicken WITHOUT the beer. We didn't have any so we used a can of ginger ale. Oh, my!!! It turned out soooo good.

Ok, I will share some photos and recipes in a later post.

Now back to scrapbooking...Below is the last part of the Bikas album that I finished and it is on its way to Portugal. Please excuse my rhetoric. It is pretty bad. I was rushing, trying to get done because of the lighting and the children and I ended up stammering and forgetting words. So enjoy the images and excuse my speech.

Would love to hear your comments and questions. :) Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The monster I created.

The other day I was trying to organize my craft room. It used to be my dining room now it is our library/ craft room/ study room.

I needed a place to store my ribbons. I have so many spools and I thought maybe I could hang a rod on the wall and store them there. My DH (he is wonderful) made a big fuss about making holes on the wall and what rod to get and blah blah blah.

I realized it was going to be a big problem and I would have to wait a while before I got my storage solution. So... I just put my brain to work and came up with this.

I used an old bulky piece of Styrofoam I had in my closet where I store my boxes and shipping supplies. I covered it with a piece of fabric and stuck some bamboo kabob sticks in it. Then I organized my spools by type and size. To finish it up I covered it up with another piece of fabric to keep it safe from the dust.

There is a saying in Brazil that says "If you don't have a dog to hunt with, you hunt with a cat." Can you translate that into an English saying??

Now, it may not look the best but solved my storage problem. :) Hey, the day my studio looks like something out of a magazine, it will probably BE in a magazine. LOL

Next week, I will try to share some photos of my Studio. You might remember my husband made me a new table. You can see the Before pictures here.

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebration Weekend!

Hi everyone,

great news: I am on a new DT. The tag above granted me acceptance to More Paper than Shoes!! I just love that name. It definitely describes me. I told Anna that before I had children (8 years ago) I was all about shoes. Then I had my first daughter and began scrapbooking. Now I am all about paper!! LOL

How about you??

Well, MPTS is doing a Blog Candy and a challenge. There is a forum for those that love to chat and all the other members are so talented. So during this holiday weekend, do stop by and check us out!

Also, stop by Operation Write Home and check out the OWH Stars and Stamps blog where so many card makers are sharing their talents, tips, tutorials, give aways, free digis and so much more. While you are at it, I hope you get inspired and get involved and send them some cards too.

To see some of my last shipment, go to my YouTube Channel. I made some Father's Day cards and some all occasion cards. As well as Christmas and Fall themed cards.

So join in! Make something fun, uplifting! Share your faith, your joy, your love! And just so you know, YOu are simply the best and I appreciate you stopping by. :)

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to make a chipboard album - Part III

hi everybody,

I hope you are having a fun summer. :)

Above a sneak peek of the Custom album I am making for Bikas. As promised here is Part III of how to make a chipboard album. Check out the video below. If you haven't seen part I and part II make sure you check them out to see how we got here. :)

Feel free to email me questions or if you are interested in a custom album for yourself or a loved one. We can do any word you like or any style or color schemes. Be sure to check out my other blog to see all my treasured creations.

In this part III of this video tutorial, I am showing you the whole album completely covered with the papers. Be sure to follow me or sign up for my updates on my Youtube channel or here to see the next episodes of how to embellish and finish up the album.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for stopping by,


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: How to clean your clear stamping blocks.

Thrifty Thursday happens almost every Thursday and it's my way to contribute with some tips and techniques that will not bankrupt your pocket book. So be sure to follow my blog so you can see when I post a new money saver tip. Now on, for today's tip...

I was recently playing with my newest Prima and Technique Tuesday stamps and found that my acrylic blocks were just too dirty that I couldn't see through them. I know, that sounds awful! But sometimes I have to decide if I am going to clean and organize or scrap and create something!

Anyway, I had read somewhere that you could use a Magic Eraser to clean them. I didn't believe it until I tried it.

Here are the before photos:

Here are the after photos:

My observations:

you don't need a lot of elbow grease. Gently rub the sponge and it will erase all the permanent ink you might have on your acrylic blocks. I use a lot of Black Staz On ink and you can't get that off with just water and soap, but Magic Eraser will do it. If you rub the sponge to hard it will erase the grid lines of your block, so go easy on them!

Let me know how you like you newly cleaned blocks. :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini Kit from The Little Shabby Box

As my first assignment for the Little Shabby Box, I got to work with their mini kit and it is superb. It's mini but it's full of goodies: yummy Jenni Bowlin papers, glittered butterflies, chipboard stars, ribbons, even a handmade embellishment.

I was able to make 4 cards and there's still a lot of stuff left to make many more. Here are some sneak peeks...

Be sure to check their blog for the full view of these cards and their shop for the kit.

Be blessed,


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Below a batch of cards I sent to Operation Write Home.

I hope they made a Father's Day!!

hug your daddy today. :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to make a chipboard album - part II

Hi y'all.

Here is part II of the chipboard album tutorial. I just finished covering Bikas album - my newest custom order. If you would like to find out how I did it so that it looks like the photo above, take a look at my video below.

I have a few other video tutorials posted so please do check these out too.

In part III of the series I will share all the pages of the album and more details. Be sure to follow my blog so you won't miss a thing.

Now, for the video making pros out there I would love if you could share some positive criticism on my videos. I feel my videos are getting better, but I want to improve even more. So do share your knowledge, or leave me some love. :) thanks a bunch.

have a great weekend :)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to make a chipboard album - Part I

hi everyone,

As you know I am working on a new custom album and I will be sharing some of the techniques I use to make my albums. If you are new to my blog be sure to stop by CreatingTreasures and see my albums. HERE is a link to all my ALTERED Albums posts.

The album I am creating is made of MDF but the techniques used are the same as if for a Chipboard album.

Enjoy the video below and be sure to check out my other videos on my YOuTUbe channel. I will be posting Part II on this album next week, so be sure to follow me or subscribe so you won't miss anything.

Got questions? Leave me a comment. :)

Be blessed,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Chipboard Tutorial while Blog Hopping!

Hi everyone,

Aren't you glad you live in a country that is free and you can blog hop with Operation Write Home, have religious freedom and speak your mind? I am. :) I praise Jesus for the United States of America and the brave men and women that serve this country. :) Thank you, Lord!!!

Well... I hope to inspire you to use some chipboard with this little show and tell video of how to use them. I have included some in my Give Away so be sure to enter to win.

Now go on to the next blog and check out Tricia's fun post.

Be blessed,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Hop, give Away and video tutorial!!

Hi everyone...

this weekend I will be participating with Operation Write Home in their Blog Hop!! It's going to be lots of fun and I will be doing a video tutorial on digital collage sheets, so be sure to stop by and participate!!

On my other blog I will be doing a blog Candy!!

Hope to see you Saturday!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

The Little Shabby Box and other news!

Hi everyone!!

Life has done it again. :) I have been busy with the children and have not been able to post anything recently, but I have great news!

1) I have been invited to join the DT of the Little Shabby Box. They have awesome card kits and I will be designing for them for the next 6 months. I couldn't wait for my first kit and assignment and went ahead and purchased the May kit just to play around. :) it's gorgeous. It has beautiful Prima papers, flowers and other goodies. Go check it out. and be sure to come back here, I want to share some of the cards I make with it. :) Congratulations to all the other ladies who made the team.

2) Remember I told you I was going to be working on a new custom album? Well, the album is in and I have already made the first video introducing the album to you. So if you would like to follow and learn some new techniques and see how I make my altered albums be sure to follow this blog and/ or my OTHER blog. I will be posting the first video soon. To see some of my recent videos go HERE.

3) Also I will be participating on a Blog Hop on Memorial Day with Operation Write Home. If you have a blog, or you are a card maker or you want to join in be sure to stop there and sign up. It's going to be fun.

So that is it for now. It's raining here today and the children are still sleeping. I think I am beginning to get caught up! Ha!!

have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Sale going on at my Etsy shop now!!

Have you ever paid $2.50 for a handmade card?? well, now you can if you stop by my Etsy shop... I am cleaning up my studio and liquidating the inventory I have right is the deal:

3 cards and/or sets of tags - $10.00
4 cards and/or sets of tags - $12.00
5 cards and/or sets of tags - $14.00
6 cards and/or sets of tags - $15.00

Write SPECIAL SALE on note to seller when checking out.

Difference will be given as refund through Paypal and normal shipping applies. Only valid for individual listings of cards and or set of tags, NOT altered albums or custom orders.

I hope you will stop by there.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Submissions and tutorials

Remember the stamping on your buttons technique? Above a close up of a button stamped with a snowflake image. Cute huh?

But that is not the reason I am posting today. No! I wanted to share with you that I am definitely in a new phase of my craft. I don't know how long it will last but for now I am trying my hands and work at submitting my treasured creations to challenges and magazines. I am also sharing some of my knowledge through tutorials.

You can see my first and latest submission HERE.

and you can check out my contribution of a fun technique that will go on next Tuesday HERE.

I will do my best to share a Thrifty Thursday this coming week. :) Bear with me... and by the way, I am beginning a new custom album that I will definitely share the how-tos with you. So be sure to follow my blog so you don't miss anything. :)

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: making your own flowers!

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday!

On an attempt to save money, pay off debt and be content with what I have, the thrifty scrapper blog was born. Every Thursday I will share a simple technique, mostly using things we already have at home but that can bring your scrapbooking or card making to a new level! :) This is thrifty Thursday, so be sure to follow my blog and make use of this free information. Who knows you might be debt free in a couple of years?

so this week I want to share with you how you can make your own flowers with what you got at home. I know you love Prima flowers! So do I! But I just can't afford every flower I fall in love with! Ha LOL

So take a look at the video below and see some of the flowers I created from funky to chic ones! Enjoy and if you have questions please send me an email at

Be sure to stop by my Youtube channel and become a subscriber so you can see all the new videos I upload. Or follow my blog here so you can be notified when I post something new!

I hope you are enjoying these new videos. I have many more to share and as I go I am learning how to make them better. :) Comments, advice on video making or critics are welcome!

Be blessed,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I got an account on YouTube!

so I couldn't resist and have joined the YouTube team. You can now find my videos on youtube. Here is the link.

This weekend I am making cards for Operation Write Home and decided to share a quick tutorial on how to make a cute trim. Watch it below.

I will share more cards and other tutorials when I finish the cards.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Leave me a comment so I know you stopped by. :)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: upgrade your buttons!

On an attempt to save money, pay off debt and be content with what I have, the thrifty scrapper blog was born. Every Thursday I will share a simple technique, mostly using things we already have at home but that can bring your scrapbooking or card making to a new level! :) This is thrifty Thursday, so be sure to follow my blog and make use of this free information. Who knows you might be debt free in a couple of years?

So recently I was working on 2 custom albums for 2 little precious boys! Here's Camden's album and here is Carson's Album. As you know buttons are one of the main embellishments used on boys albums or pages. I really wanted to make these buttons pop though. I had seen ribbons go through buttons, rub ons, or paint but never seen stamps.

So I tried stamping on them. All I used was Staz On black ink and a Martha Stewart stamps I had previously bought but never used. Here are some of the results..

I used some snowflakes stamps on some buttons too. They turned out so cute. I will be using them on some cards in the future. Be aware that you need to use stamps small enough so that you can see the image on the buttons.

Try and see what you come up with. The only rule is to NOT buy anything new, use what you already have at home. tip: look for the flat surface of the button, of course! :)

Have fun!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: using acrylic paint!

This is our first Thrifty Thursday. The idea is to share with you a technique that does NOT require new scrapbook supplies or tools, but can be done using what most of us already have at home.

Today I want to share with you how to make something look old, vintage, shabby or distressed looking. I am finishing a custom order for 2 vintage scrapbook albums for 2 brothers. Here is a sneak peak of the first album. I wanted to achieve a fun, distressed, old look without making the albums feminine at all. So I decided to use paint. White acrylic paint. I found it is the best way to make something look shabby.

Now you don't need any special tools to apply your paint. Any acrylic paint will do. Because acrylic paint is rather thick it can be very tricky to use it on rubber or acrylic stamps. They tend to get all sticky and you can't see much of the detail of the stamps, unless it is a big one or a foam stamp. That's another post.

I used two simple tools for my technique. I used water bottle caps and medicine measuring cups to make the white circles on my latest album. I also used my finger to dab the white paint around the edges of my album. I tried using a make up sponge but I liked the result of using my fingers better. I was going for a not so uniform look, more messy.

First squeeze some paint on a paper plate and spread it flat like you would icing on a cake, then use the cap and cup to start stamping. Don't worry about perfect prints, you are going for shabby, not perfect prints. You will have some circles thicker, with missing pieces to the circle, others lighter. the paint dries really quickly too.

The first photo on this post is an example of the result of this technique. The complete photos of this album and more will be on my other blog this weekend.

You can use other tools with this same technique. Try using bubble wraps, the end of pencils, a sponge, a paper crinkled into a ball or anything else you can think of and already have at home.

On the card below I smeared the edges with white paint.

Here is an example using green paint and bubble wrap.

Would love to hear about your results and your discoveries with white acrylic paint. Until next Thursday, stay thrifty and crafty. :)

Be blessed,


Thrifty Thursday!

If you are a follower of this blog you are probably frustrated because I haven't posted in a while. Well, lots of things have happened: I had another baby, a got a few custom orders backed up and I homeschool my children. So, there! as you can see I have my hands full!

But I decided that I can take a few minutes and commit to post at least one post a week where I can share some of my crafty thriftiness. Ha! so this is where Thrifty Thursday comes in.

Every Thursday I will share a simple technique, mostly using things we already have at home but that can bring your scrapbooking or card making to a new level! :)

Make sure you follow this blog and my other BLOG to see finished treasured creations. :) So, tomorrow I will post our first Thrifty Thursday post!

thanks for your patience. :)

Be blessed today,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Candy from Norway!!

Beautiful cards, gorgeous color schemes and 400 followers!! Come celebrate with Amy and enter for to win her Blog Candy! click here!!

Be blessed,


PS check out some of my new creations!