Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going Digital!

ok, don't freak out!! I know I did when I found out about the new Digital thing. Yes, digital scrapbooking.

If you are like me - you love to cut and paste paper, embellish, stitch, distress and do other manual things to your scrapbook layouts or cards, to go digital is just foreign. But did you know that you can go digital just not completely digital?

Ok, I will explain. I use digital papers to create my scrapbook papers and cards. It's called Hybrid scrapbooking. I use clip art, digital stamps, scanned images, enhanced and altered photos and digital papers.

Going Digital is great because you can save money on storage.

I made a confession once that I hoard paper. Well now I can without so much guilt because it is not creating piles in my craft room, it is stored away in my hard drive. Yeah, I know. You got to have room to store in a hard drive too. Another topic for another post.

For now, let me tell you that you can use digital papers for less money and less storage space than the actual papers.

Here are some examples of my hybrid work.

I will share in a few days how to create some of those hybrid layouts.

:) Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I got carried away...

Recently I was creating a custom bridal card and got carried away coloring my card with my watercolor pencils.

I was trying to create a halo around the bride and it ended up looking like she was contaminated with nuclear chemicals or something. Anyway, the whole thing made me take a closer look at the books I read to my children.

I read this one recently and realized that it has beautiful artwork and what you know? All the illustrations were made with watercolors and there is a WHITE halo around the characters from where the artist left the area without color. The whole concept is perfect but if you look too close it might look a little messy.

I am definitely learning some serious art as I scrap and card make. :) Every day is an opportunity to learn new things and grow.

So for now my brides will not have a blue halo around them, but who knows in the future!! :)

Also, if you are interested in scrapping but is really short on time please follow me. I will be doing a little tutorial on using digital to short cut your scrapping time. :) Here are some of my recent pages I made using these shortcuts.

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