Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Working with Doily

If you are a fan of everything romantic you have seen the doilies that have taken over the scrapbooking world. Now you can find them in many different sizes, color and shapes. There are many different companies that are making them.

I wanted to use the doily in my scrapbook layouts without having to spend an enormous amount of money. Let me explain: I live in a very rural area, I have no Local Scrapbook store and the closest Craft Hobby Store is an hour away. Although I purchase most of my supplies online, it still needs to make sense financially. So I try to keep a list of things I need and purchase them all at the same time from the same place so I save on shipping.

So on this day, I decided to work with what I had on hand. I purchased some 12" doilies from Walmart. (yes, we do have one in my town! LOL) My children and I painted our doilies. After I painted mine with acrylic paint, I dabbed a piece of cloth on it, to give it a shabby look, taking some of the paint off.

Now, you say: "But it's not Acid Free." No, it's probably not. But if you painted it with acrylic paint you have put a barrier between the acid from the doily and your photos. "But you took some of the paint off!" Right. So you mat your photos.

A lot of the fear of the acid on the papers that are not made for scrapbooking has no precedence since you can always protect your photos by matting them with Acid Free paper or card stock. Make sure that papers or items that are NOT acid free are NOT touching your photos, or you can always buy one of those spray things that supposedly neutralizes the acid of the paper. :( Right, one more thing to buy!!

Anyway, here is the final layout that I used the doily on! Also take a look at one of the cards I have made in the past using doilies. Enjoy and feel free to leave me a comment or a question!



Truth Notes said...

Fantastic! I am a firm believer in using what I have, so I really like your style. Did you make the striped florishes? And I love the flowers with the music petals and centers!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I made the doodled flourishes too. I will be doing a post on them later on. :) Tereza

Jennifer said...

Flippin' GORGEOUS! The idea that it's not acid free didn't even cross my mind.

Soooooo pretty, both of them! WOW!!!

Graciete said...

Oi Tereza,
Adorei seu blog e suas dicas. Bjs.