Friday, January 9, 2009

Got Flowers? What to do when you need Prima flowers.

Would you love to be able to buy any Prima flower you wanted and as many as your heart desired? I would!! Unfortunately, it's just not possible. LOL

So I have learned to improvise and work with what I got. Last year when I was working on a new project I did not have Prima flowers in the right color for it. So I began brainstorming how could I get it without having to buy any more supplies. I am drowning in supplies!! LOL (Answer this question: do you have NEW, UNTOUCHED, CLOSED, UNOPENED containers or boxes of Prima flowers? If you answered "yes", then you are drowning in supplies too!)

I learned with Scrapperlicious how to make flowers out of pattern paper, vellum, acrylic and more! But that was not the look I was going for. I wanted to use some Prima flowers! So it hit me: I can paint them!!!

Yes, I can paint them! So I used some acrylic paint and painted my pretty Prima flowers.

The ones on the left are the original. The ones on the right are the result of my painting job. :)

I needed some flowers that were of a deeper green, like grass green; and I needed some red flowers. So now, I had them! So next time you can't find an exact color in your Flower stash, paint what you got!!

Here is a photo of the painted flowers on my project.

I will be talking about some basic supplies that you should always have on hand on later posts. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter or follow the blog. In a day, where everyone talks about how bad the economy is (I don't agree with the rumor) you surely would appreciate to learn how you can keep your cardmaking/ scrapbooking hobby going, wouldn't you?

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