Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I got carried away...

Recently I was creating a custom bridal card and got carried away coloring my card with my watercolor pencils.

I was trying to create a halo around the bride and it ended up looking like she was contaminated with nuclear chemicals or something. Anyway, the whole thing made me take a closer look at the books I read to my children.

I read this one recently and realized that it has beautiful artwork and what you know? All the illustrations were made with watercolors and there is a WHITE halo around the characters from where the artist left the area without color. The whole concept is perfect but if you look too close it might look a little messy.

I am definitely learning some serious art as I scrap and card make. :) Every day is an opportunity to learn new things and grow.

So for now my brides will not have a blue halo around them, but who knows in the future!! :)

Also, if you are interested in scrapping but is really short on time please follow me. I will be doing a little tutorial on using digital to short cut your scrapping time. :) Here are some of my recent pages I made using these shortcuts.

Thanks for stopping by.



Josh said...

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Sharlotte said...

What a wonderful blog. I love it and find your creations so beautiful. :)