Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to make a chipboard album - Last Part

Hi everyone,

I am in full blast summer! We have been grilling eggplants. Have you ever tried it? Just slice them and sprinkle salt, pepper and olive oil. A few minutes on each side and they are done. They are soooo good.

We also did a beer but chicken WITHOUT the beer. We didn't have any so we used a can of ginger ale. Oh, my!!! It turned out soooo good.

Ok, I will share some photos and recipes in a later post.

Now back to scrapbooking...Below is the last part of the Bikas album that I finished and it is on its way to Portugal. Please excuse my rhetoric. It is pretty bad. I was rushing, trying to get done because of the lighting and the children and I ended up stammering and forgetting words. So enjoy the images and excuse my speech.

Would love to hear your comments and questions. :) Thanks for stopping by.


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AnaIsa said...

I'm overwellmed (emocionada?)!!! So beautiful! So Bikas:-))
I'll send you pictures, by September probably:-) of the album with the photos...
Big hug from Portugal